4x4 Towing

4x4 towing

Did you get yourself in a difficult situation on a dirt road? Maybe what you thought was a dirt road was no road at all! A lot of towing services stick to handling issues that happen in urban areas on concrete or asphalt roads. We can handle issues that happen out in rural areas that would be very hard to reach for other services. We may not trucks to be able to handle some of the heaviest equipment,
Winch Out Services

The most common issues that happen to people on roads that are not fully fit to be able to properly drive on is that they get stuck on a muddy road and they are not able to continue on or head back. In these cases, all they need is a pull and they can, for the most part, get back on their way! We can do this by hooking the affected car up to a line that is attached to our truck and we can get people out of trouble fairly quickly. If we need a little more firepower we may call in a second truck!

Towing Tractors Or Machinery

Even though a lot of machinery is built to be able to handle tough terrain they can also get stuck in muddy areas from time to time. In these cases, we can also get called in to help. We usually also provide only winch out services for these types of machines. As they typically need only a little help to get back on track. If you are out of gas that is also a service that we can provide to rural areas!

What Happens If I Need To Get On A Flatbed Tow Truck?

If your vehicle has been damaged one going off the road and you need not only to be helped out but a towing service to take your car to the nearest repair shop we can work things out. Usually what we do is provide a winch out service and pull the vehicle out of the tough spots. Then continue to tow it with our 4×4 truck until it reaches an area where we can safely load in on to the flatbed truck. The last thing we want is to get your car and our two truck stuck so it goes without saying that we will proceed with extreme caution.

If You Need Help Just Give Us A Call

We know that for the most part vehicles that find themselves in a situation were they need to be towed away didn’t get to that spot on purpose. So, we really aren’t surprised these days by all of the crazy stories that people tell us when we arrive at a scene to find a car in the middle of a farm for instance. We are a family company. If you need a towing service just give us a call. No matter how odd the circumstances may seem we will find a way to get the vehicle back on the road or on one of our trucks to be towed away!

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4x4 towing
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