Tire Change

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One of the most common issues that leave people unable to continue on their way while driving down the high way is to get a flat tire. You can get a puncture in a tire for a wide variety of reasons. Maybe you ran over something on the road that drove itself into the tire or caused a gash to develop. Other times your tires are just old and worn and they can break for pretty much any reason that you can think of.

Need To Get To A Meeting But Your Tire Popped?

At times it isn’t that you don’t know how to change a tire it is quite simply that you can’t at a particular time. If you are ready to head to a special place and you are all dressed up the last thing that you are going to want to do is to get your dress or suit dirty having to lay down on the ground to fix a flat tire. We can help by changing your tire quickly and allowing you to get right back on your way. We do this because we know that most people have better places to be than being stuck on the side of the road!

Did You Lose The Safety Pin?

Some rims these days come equipped with a couple of safety measures to make sure that people can’t just walk up to your car and steal your tires easily. This sounds like a great idea and for the most part, it actually is. Until you need to remove your tire and can’t because of its safety features. We can help you overcome your own car’s safety measure so that you can change the tire and be back on your way! If needed we can tow you to a safe place to change your tire.

Don’t Have A Spare Tire?

Getting A flat tire is bad enough, but getting a flat tire when you don’t have a spare tire to turn to can be far worse. In these cases, you can give us a call and tell us what type of tire you need. Remember that you will need to provide the exact rim size and tire type for us to actually bring the right tire along. At times we may not have the right tire in stock, but most of the time we do. You might never really know how much we actually carry in our trucks. Trust us we have a hard time believing all we can cover at times also!

If You Don’t Know Don’t Try

There is really no shame in not knowing how to properly change a tire. The worst thing that can happen is that you try to change it and you get yourself in a bigger mess. Don’t let things escalate any further. Give us a call and we call help you change the tire. That way you can get right back on the road comfortably.

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