Roadside Assistance

roadside assistance


24 Hour Roadside Assistance

There are plenty of issues and challenges that you may face on the road. At Downriver Reliable Towing even though towing is in our name and it is basically our main service we know that not every single issue requires that your car end up on one of our trucks. That doesn’t mean that we can’t help though. We can send one of our roadside assistance trucks your way so that our professionals can get you back on the road quickly.

Having Trouble Starting Your Car?

If you are having problems starting your car you may have a battery issue. Especially if you see that the lights inside your car are dim and when you turn the key or press the start button nothing seems to happen. Whether you are stuck in your own driveway or on the road you can give us a call. We can help jump-start your car so that you can drive in, to the shop on your own. Other times we can actually change your battery right there on the spot. If all goes well you will be able to start your car and be on your way!

Facing A Mechanical Issue?

Have a flat tire or other issue? Our roadside assistance truck is basically a mobile repair shop. We literally provide our guys with all of the necessary tools to be able to handle any type of problem. If you are facing a mechanical issue we can also perform an inspection on your car right there on the spot. That way if we find that the problem is relatively simple we can fix it up and get you on your way. If we find that it is likely that the problem is a bit more severe we can call in one of our trucks and get your vehicle towed to the nearest specialized shop!

Out Of Gas

Sometimes cars just won’t run because of the simplest reasons. One of those simple reasons could be the fact that you are just out of gas! This can happen to anyone. These days we have so many things on our mind that we can just forget to pass by the gas station and fill up the tank. You can give us a call and our crew will be there quickly. Helping you get enough gas in the tank at least so that you can get to the nearest gas station.

What Other Issue Can You Think Of?

You’d probably be surprised at some of the odd calls that we have gotten over the years from people that needed something from our roadside assistance team. You may even be more surprised to learn that we have been able to cover most of those odd requests. If you are facing an issue out on the road don’t hesitate to call. Getting timely help can help save you a ton of money repairs!

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