Flatbed Towing

flatbed towing services

One of the main towing services that we offer and maybe the one we love using the most is our flatbed tow trucks and the towing services they provide. Flatbed tow trucks really provide a wide variety of options. In that, they are able to tow a lot of different vehicles. Plus they are able to provide local towing services as well as long distance towing services. We tend to use them a lot. If you prefer another type of towing service then, we will be happy to provide it, but for most vehicles and even other objects, we use flatbed tow trucks!

Flatbeds vs Repo Trucks

Both flatbed tow trucks and repo trucks are viable options to providing towing services. The main difference between them is that in repo trucks only the front part of the vehicle is essentially loaded onto the truck. In flatbed services, the entire vehicle is loaded via a platform to the truck. So none of the tires on the vehicle are ever touching the ground in a flatbed service. We can’t say which is better or worse. For the most part, though repo trucks are used for quick services and flatbed tow trucks for longer services or on occasions where people don’t want their car to have the wear on the tires.

Exotic Car Towing

If you have an old car or a show vehicle as they are sometimes called you know that for the most part, you are not going to want to put too many miles on them. The best way though, to make sure these cars can make it to the new car show or exhibit is to get them on a flatbed tow truck. The entire state of Michigan is widely considered one of the car capitals of the United States. So these services are actually a lot more common around here than one may think!

Motorcycle Towing

The best and at times only way to be able to properly tow a motorcycle is on a flatbed truck. On a flatbed, we can make sure that the bike is tied down correctly so that it can spend the entirety of the ride standing upright on the flatbed platform. We have a vast experience working with bikes. Don’t risk the possibility of your bike being manhandled by a towing service that quite frankly may not have the equipment or experience to be able to handle these vehicles with care!

Long Distance Towing

We usually cover mostly local trips with our towing services. Give us a call though if you need us to cover an out of state service! We can usually provide these services for most of our recurring clients. Just let us know exactly where it is that you need to go and we can give you a quote on the service. We appreciate the fact that a lot of Downriver locals consider us their go-to towing service. With that in mind, we continually try to expand our coverage to be able to provide even better services such as lockout services!

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