Emergency Towing

emergency lockout services

Out of gas? Give us a call. Need a lift to the repair shop? Again, give us a call. Are you in need of an emergency towing service? Then call or contact us right away! You do get where this is going right? We know that no one ever leaves their home expecting to run into some trouble down the road. At times though these things just happen. The best thing that you can do is be prepared to face them. If you happen to live in or around Wyandotte, Michigan you are one of the lucky ones! To be prepared you don’t need to carry a wide array of tools with you wherever you go. All you really need is to carry a cell phone with enough battery power to be able to call Downriver Reliable Towing!

Whether you are in an emergency situation and are in need of immediate roadside assistance or you want to call in, to schedule a towing service that you are going to need later on we are always standing by the phone ready to answer the call. If you happen to be driving down the road and you begin to hear your car making strange noises or have certain difficulties or just an abnormal feeling while driving you may want to pull over and have a look at what might be wrong. We know though that not all roads are we could say safe looking enough for you to pull over comfortably. You could have a flat tire and need a tire change. We recommend that you find a safe spot pull over and give us a call!

locked out of car